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Jun 13


Maximize Your Email Deliverability

By Florian Steps, VP Monetization at Open-Xchange in cooperation with Sharon Beilis, Marketing Director at Ongage

Your email deliverability determines if your newsletter campaigns hit your recipients' inboxes or redirect to the spam folder — or worse still, bounce back!

Building a strong sender reputation takes time and effort, but with OX Engage you can be sure that nearly 100% of your emails hit the inbox without harming your brand’s deliverability score or hurting your sender reputation score.

When you send your emails using our email injection technology, your newsletters benefit from the highest deliverability rate possible.. They will be seen by more people and improve your brand and message positioning, as well as your Return on Investment (ROI).

Make Sure Your Email Hits the Inbox

A great deal of daily work with your Email Service Provider (ESP) revolves around trying to improve your emails’ deliverability rate, from looking at your domain and IP choices right down to your email content.

But let’s face it, no matter how great looking your email campaign is or how much time and effort has gone into it, the priority is whether or not your recipient actually gets to see it.

That’s why using OX Engage for your email marketing and ensuring that your emails hit the inbox and stay there, is the best choice you can make.

Engage With Your Active Users

With OX Engage, your emails hit the users’ inbox the moment they log in. This means you get their full attention at an optimal moment.

Moreover, the tool is very effective for re-engaging with lapsed recipients and reactivating your dormant subscribers.

You can create one email template, target all your dormant or less-active users, schedule the email … and BAM! The moment they are active (even if it’s three months after you scheduled your email), your reactivation/retention email is the first thing they see.

Maximize Your Email Deliverability

Boost email viewability and ROI with OX Engage.

Save time, energy and money with the best and most powerful email marketing tool available on the market!

For more information see the OX Engage datasheet or Contact Open-Xchange for detailed information, specific questions, pricing, and more.

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