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Sep 23


Introducing OX Summit Partner: rankingCoach

rankingCoach - #1 digital marketing reseller solution for your One stop shop. Start making your Clients successful.

The hosting industry is changing, and rankingCoach is playing a key role by adding value to your core business. Nowadays, creating growth means either increasing your ARPU by upselling to your existing customers or winning over new clients from your competitors. But how do you do this? What is the most efficient portfolio of apps you can offer to become the one stop shop of tomorrow and what's the most efficient way upselling and customer retention?


Increase your ARPU the easy way: Start selling online success

The answer is simple: provide customers what they were really looking for when they came to you, to be successful online. Offering your clients success is the secret behind customer retention and average spending per client. By reselling rankingCoach you serve them a unique online marketing suite designed to provide a complete solution for SMEs searching for online success.


A big opportunity is arising

Secure your piece of the pie from the marketing budgets of over 100 million SMEs worldwide

Talking about the EU means talking about over 26 million SMEs that are shifting their marketing budgets to digital marketing and are looking for helpful solutions that are aimed in this direction. The days of yellowpages are over - the present situation for SMEs is fatal: over 95% want to spend more money and develop their digital marketing strategies. The problem is that they don't know what to do, how to do it, and most often cannot afford DIFM solutions. Even large companies like Google and Facebook fail to establish a direct channel to small companies. The opportunity is there to step up and provide helpful, needed solutions that increase your customer loyalty and retention, claiming your piece of a giant market outside the common hosting industry.


rankingCoach Marketing Apps - Easy, affordable, and effective solutions for your clients

Next to our brand new DIFM models, rankingCoach offers resellers a full variety of DIY marketing tools for SEO, listings, Google Ads, and brand management that can be co-branded to your CI and integrated in your product offer. All solutions are 100% localized and tailored to SME needs which can also be combined in a suite called rankingCoach 360, to provide a full range of marketing tools to your clients.

Co-Founder Thomas Meierkord states, “Imagine a world where online marketing is so easy, that a local business with no expertise and no resources can compete with large brands and chains. This is our passion and our vision: empowering micro businesses to be successful online through the use of a single tool.”


About rankingCoach

Localized in 13 languages and 28 countries worldwide, rankingCoach serves tailored and localized solutions to 70% of the global SME market. Partnering with rankingCoach provides an additional sales channel with minimal risk, with the inclusion of a license fee model. Quick to market, and customizable to the partner’s design, rankingCoach is a top performing upsell for web hosters and ISVs. The award-winning software rankingCoach, is a trusted provider of cloud-based online marketing solutions for SMEs, being sold by hundreds of Web Hosters, telcos, and agencies worldwide. Serving hundreds of thousands of end clients, more than 100 specialists from 22 nations work together on one target: delivering top performing and ready to sell digital marketing apps for resellers and agencies alike.

The future is near - get ready and start offering your customers online success.

We are delighted to be a part of the OX Summit 2018. Speak to us!

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