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Jun 19


Introducing OX Summit Partner: Halon

By Anders Berggren,  CTO Halon

http://blog.open-xchange.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Anders.pngAll email could and should be sent encrypted. But isn´t, despite being the go-to form of business communication. We can fix this, if we work together. The needed technology, standards and software are very much available to anyone who cares to take a stance for privacy.

Halon shares Open-Xchange’s vision about privacy, and we strongly support their Trusted Email Services (TES) initiative, being the first partner to implement it. Working with both large service providers and people in the Internet standardization community, it has been natural for us to be an early adopter of, and advocate for, standards such as DNSSEC, DKIM, DMARC and DANE.

While encryption is an fairly advanced topic with many technical considerations, motivation for joining in shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s in high demand, and availability is low. Take the lead; I don’t think neither your existing nor future customers will blame you for looking after their privacy.

Halon believes that it has become tougher to deliver differentiated and robust email services in today’s competitive market. Ever so often do we encounter companies struggling with, and pouring lots of resources into, home-brew SMTP infrastructure. Others suffer from vendor lock-in, having purchased commercial turn-key spam filters. The new cloud landscape requires a new kind of software, and Halon is one of those. We provide a scriptable SMTP server; a toolbox packed with all the features that you need to rapidly develop and deploy the email delivery and filtering infrastructure that you need in order to provide the unique service that you want to offer.

We look forward to meeting you at OX Summit in Bruxelles to talk email encryption and demo our software.

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