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Aug 31


Introducing OX Summit Partner: elastic.io

By Oliver Gebert, VP Sales at elastic.io

elastic.io is a born-in-the-cloud SaaS innovator that provides an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to telecom carriers, enterprises, system integrators and software vendors since 2013. In 2017, elastic.io became part of mVISE Group, a German publicly listed IT consulting company with over 15 years of enterprise IT consultancy and project experience.

Telcos are in pursuit of new revenue streams

After decades of growth and expansion, many telecommunication providers now face increasing market saturation, which prompts them to look around for new revenue streams and customer segments, inventing along the way new products and services and exploring new business ideas.

One of the results of this development are the numerous online marketplaces that offer business applications mainly to SMB customers - each marketplace being carefully crafted to include a compelling catalogue of applications and fit with one’s own brand and core services.

Online marketplaces should not just be a hodgepodge of disconnected apps

The challenge with online marketplaces that telecom companies have seen, however, is how the numerous applications fit not only into the overall picture within their own business and IT infrastructure, but more importantly, with the exact requirements of their customers and partners.

One of the elastic.io customers has identified the issue: “When businesses buy new software, the first question that they need to answer is how this software can fit into their existing IT landscape,” said the Head of Technology & Operations of Deutsche Telekom at the presentation of their upgraded marketplace earlier this year. It is a serious integration hurdle that has already led to large expenses at big companies, whereas for smaller companies, it is extremely difficult to tackle in the first place.

Integration layer beneath the marketplace for true differentiation

It can look quite different, though, if all applications available on the online marketplace have an inherent integration capability. This is where an integration platform comes into play. Leading telecom providers such as Deutsche Telekom use elastic.io iPaaS to differentiate their cloud services portfolio by adding an integration layer beneath their application marketplace.

This allows them to offer their customers and partners comprehensive, truly integrated business application solutions instead of simply presenting them with a range of disconnected apps and services. By doing so, they do not only answer the real needs of SMB businesses, but also gain a distinct competitive advantage in the overcrowded space of SMB service marketplaces.

elastic.io iPaaS enables digital transformation

Other common use cases range from providing the 360-degree customer view by integrating customer data across disparate systems, to product refinement by connecting communication tools with CRM data and chatbots, to IoT projects support by connecting IoT platforms with the rest of the IT estate.

One of the key advantages of elastic.io iPaaS is intuitive connectivity not only to the cloud, but also to on-premises applications which can be docked to the platform quickly and cost-effectively via the so-called connectors. elastic.io provides reusable integration components and pre-built integrations for 100+ popular business systems, including Salesforce, SAP Business ByDesign, SugarCRM, Netsuite, Marketo, Pipedrive and Microsoft Dynamics, thus reducing costs and time for integration projects by up to 80%.

We look forward to meeting you at OX Summit in Rome!

For more information, visit www.elastic.io

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