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Sep 11


A Hassle-Free Move to OX Solutions

By Wolfgang Rosenauer, Lead Solution Architect at Open-Xchange

The migration of large platforms either for email or DNS is a complex task. Our experienced migration team will support you with your migration to OX App Suite either on one of our On-Premise, Managed or Cloud solutions.

Our migration team has already successfully migrated multi-million user email platforms all over the world. Each migration comes with recurring and individual challenges resulting in a deep understanding at Open-Xchange of what it takes to make a migration smooth for both our customers and their users. Throughout a successful technical move, the communication and user onboarding support from our Customer Success team helps you stay relaxed while your users are exploring their new solution.

From the complex migration architecture, to migration tools and customer communication during and after the migration, our migration team makes sure the migration will be hassle-free and deliver the best possible user experience for you and your customers. Learn more about our detailed email migration architecture, tools and communications on our Email Migration page.

Since OX PowerDNS is one of the largest DNS solutions and therefore an attractive replacement for your current DNS platform, our migration team also makes sure this migration will be smooth and without any outages. Learn more about the best practice steps our team will use here.

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