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The OX Newsroom provides you with news about Open-Xchange. You will find the latest social media posts, press releases and mentions, as well as recent blog articles below. Feel free to rummage through our updates and follow us on your preferred channel.

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OX Press Mentions

Beinahe ein Star

Nov 22, 2018

Eine Software-Firma schätzt Nürnberg. Und verlässt die Stadt trotzdem nach zehn Jahren. Rafael Laguna, Gründer und Vorstandschef der Open-Xchange AG, erklärt warum. Und was das Amtsgericht der Stadt damit zu tun hat.

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Berners-Lee takes flak for 'hippie manifesto' that only Google and Facebook could love

Nov 09, 2018

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is doing the dirty work of giant internet companies, according to critics who want to see governments lay down effective regulation – and not what they regard as a wishy-washy "Magna Carta".

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OX Engage takes email marketing one step beyond

Dec 05, 2018

With the releases of OX Display and OX Upsell, we launched two-thirds of the products which we promised you as part of our new monetization offering. Today we are very happy to announce that we are completing the...

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New versions of OX App Suite, OX Documents and OX Guard available

Nov 29, 2018

We are happy to announce that Open-Xchange has just released new versions for three of its products: Both the messaging and collaboration platform OX App Suite and the office suite OX Documents now ship as version...

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Promoting a discussion on DNS-over-HTTPS

Nov 23, 2018

In the last few months, we have seen a lot of community discussion around the latest development in the internet’s naming system, a new protocol called DNS-over-HTTPS.

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Introducing the OX Security Product Line

Nov 14, 2018

With our recent launch of OX Protect, we have also introduced a new product line at Open-Xchange: the security portfolio. Security is omnipresent at Open-Xchange. It touches everything we do, on a day to day basis. Based...

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It’s extra time for TES in 2018!

Nov 07, 2018

In our last update from Japan, we had told you that the TES season for 2018 had ended… but hey, there is never enough email security! So we are happy to announce that we have arranged two more commitments in November.

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What really keeps us up on Halloween night

Oct 31, 2018

As Halloween approaches, our attention turns to the terrifying; the silly side of terrifying. Cue the usual assortment of terrible zombie makeup, laughable vampire costumes or, perhaps even worse – the person with the...

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Dec 18, 2017
OX Products - At home-in the office-on the move_verschoben_v5_hoehe500px_overlay
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Dec 12, 2017
OX Products - At home-in the office-on the move
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Dec 14, 2017
OX Products - At home-in the office-wherever you are
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Jan 16, 2018
OX Benefit Videos: OX Guard
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Nov 20, 2018
Watch now 01:37
Jan 26, 2017
Optimum My dashboard overview 25012017
Watch now 01:19
May 11, 2017
Jonathan MacDonald, OX Summit Washington, D.C., 2017
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Aug 15, 2017
TalkTalk Mail Introduction

Product Introduction video for TalkTalk Mail.

Watch now 02:28
Jan 16, 2018
OX Benefit Videos: Advanced Sharing Capabilities
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Nov 03, 2017
Bert Hubert "DNS is the Gateway to Good & Bad: How OX helps to secure the Internet"

Friday Product Deep-Dive Session, OX Summit Bruxelles, October 2017


Bert Hubert, Founder & Chief Architect PowerDNS

Watch now 29:58
Apr 04, 2018
Cox Training OX Upgrade 782 to 784 Copy 01
Watch now 11:14
Sep 18, 2018
OX Benefit Videos 2018: Start Your Day Right (OX App Suite 7.10.)
Watch now 00:37
Nov 03, 2017
Dirk Freytag "New Ways of Email Marketing: Monetize Users on any Device with 100% Visibility"

Friday Product Deep-Dive Session, OX Summit Bruxelles, October 2017


Dirk Freytag, Senior Vice President Ad Services, Open-Xchange

Watch now 23:49
Nov 25, 2017
OX Benefit Videos: Collaboration
Watch now 00:45
OXS18 Nashville
Apr 24, 2018
OXS18 Nashville

On April 17-19, 2018, business leaders and tech executives met up with OX senior management and product experts in Nashville, TN. Together they discussed the OX ecosystem, the value of the platform and the future of IT and OX alike.

Nov 16, 2017

Trust matters - @osballiance stellt neuen Claim vor

May 10, 2017
Rafael Laguna, OX Summit Washington, D.C., 2017

From Fragmentation to Federation: Standing-up the Transparent Value of an Open Internet

Watch now 27:38
Nov 17, 2017
OX Summit 2017 - Recap Video
Watch now 03:22
Nov 08, 2017

"Innovation is a good reflection of what OX. We create things that allow the world to move to an open one."

Dec 01, 2017

This compliment goes to you, Team @dovecotmail

Nov 30, 2017

Google faces legal action on snooping: by @janewakefield - Obviously there is no regret or…

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Dec 02, 2017

@fsf Today I took my free/libre open source game up another level.

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Dec 04, 2017

Los trabajadores del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona dejarán de gestionar en menos de un año su correo electrónico a trav…

Dec 05, 2017

Barcelona toma el camino opuesto a Munich: Open-Xchange, Mozilla, OpenOffice y Ubuntu via…

Dec 30, 2017

An important factor when working with OX? We always give people the freedom to be themselves. See what we’re buildi…

Jan 17, 2018

Adios Microsoft: We're ditching Office and Outlook for #opensource, says Barcelona @NickJHeath via @techrepublic

Feb 02, 2018

Wir haben #BReg gefragt, wie sie mit Sicherheitsproblemen des #beA umgehen wollen. Antwort: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ich empfehle…

Retweeted by Open-Xchange
Mar 11, 2018

We have a name! After a couple of iterations the privacy friendly Internet ID is now

Retweeted by Open-Xchange
May 02, 2018

In 2015, @dovecotmail became part of the @openexchange family, and this year, our IMAP server platform has grown it…

May 03, 2018

has an IMAP market share of 75.1% - this news is a testament to the success of Dovecot’s commercial ISP and telco o…

Jul 24, 2018

1&1 uses OX App Suite to increase customer satisfaction and productivity while growing their premium user base

Jul 26, 2018

Except for @id4me_org there is no public, open, federated, privacy-friendly, user-centered Identity Management Stan…

Aug 13, 2018

#privacy is still far away #gdpr #google

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Sep 04, 2018

Great read from @vittoriobertola about ID4me #digitalidentitymanagement #opensource #DNS #dataprivacy

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Sep 28, 2018

View from the PowerDNS meeting room this morning at #OXS18. We will miss Rome when we get back to the office!

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Oct 01, 2018

“Logic, credibility and accessibility, the router, all combine to put #telcos in an excellent position to offer sec…

Retweeted by Open-Xchange
Oct 27, 2018

#GitHub, the world's largest #opensource repository is now following in the footsteps of Nokia and Skype, who have…

Oct 29, 2018

Open standards are becoming increasingly important as they help to power growth through meeting consumer needs. Fin…

Nov 14, 2018

Applaus, Applaus für unseren Partner @mailbox_org, der als einer der ersten E-Mail-Anbieter seinen Kund*innen die a…

Nov 19, 2018

Tim Berners-Lee, die Magna Carta und das digitale #Greenwashing - An was liegt es, dass wir im Angesicht berühmter…

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Aug 28, 2017
Welcome to OX App Suite

Product Introduction Video

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Oct 23, 2017
Toon Vanagt, OX Summit Bruxelles, October 2017

Why Open is the Only Way to the Future: Designing Internet Businesses for Success


Toon Vanagt's open entrepreneurialism is leading the next generation of programmers and engineering start-ups across Benelux. Come to this keynote to understand how open standards in code innovation for the next Internet can help you flourish and grow value


Toon Vanagt Co-founder,

Watch now 47:30
Oct 23, 2017
Rafael Laguna, OX Summit Bruxelles, October 2017

Is Change finally coming to the Internet Monopolies?


Why a federated ecosystem of trusted software, hardware and open platform companies, bonded by core principles, is needed to re-instantiate the free market on the Internet.


Rafael Laguna CEO, Open-Xchange

Watch now 42:12
Nov 25, 2017
OX Benefit Videos: Simple File Sharing
Watch now 01:00
Sep 18, 2018
OX Benefit Videos 2018: Take Back Control Of Your Time (OX App Suite 7.10.)
Watch now 00:49
Sep 18, 2018
OX Benefit Videos 2018: Collaboration (OX App Suite 7.10.)
Watch now 00:45
Sep 18, 2018
OX Benefit Videos 2018: Sharing (OX App Suite 7.10.)
Watch now 01:00
Sep 18, 2018
OX Benefit Videos 2018: OX Drive (OX App Suite 7.10.)
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Opening Party Olper Huette
Jun 06, 2017
Opening Party Olper Huette

On June 2nd, Team Olpe, accompanied by many guests and friends of OX opened up the new office building at Olper Huette area, unofficially known as "Bigge Valley".

Email Security Roundtable Manchester
Jan 30, 2017
Email Security Roundtable Manchester

Email security was the topic of discussion at another Open-Xchange sponsored event held on January 26, 2017 in the fantastic setting of Old Trafford Stadium, the home of Manchester United. BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet, three of the...

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