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Who’s who at OX Summit

Partners, business executives and technology experts all agree: the OX Summit is the place to meet. Nowhere else offers such a promising mixture of commercial and technical expertise, coming from the minds of some of the most passionate and active talent worldwide. To get a better picture, check out the caliber of the delegates who participated in last year‘s OX Summits in Nashville and Rome.

OX Summit 2019
Madrid, Spain
October 16-18

We are happy to invite you to join us for the 11th Open-Xchange Summit in Spain’s Capital Madrid. This year’s program not only allows you to get a flavor of Madrid but also provides a great opportunity to meet the Open-Xchange team, senior management, product experts and other delegates from the Hosting, Cable Carrier and Telco world.

For the 2019 OX Summit we have found another great location. Situated conveniently in the city center the Palacio Neptuno is an ideal environment to share ideas, exchange business intelligence and discuss new developments in technology standards and the potential they have to drive change across the Internet. We will also discuss the business impact of these changes and dive deeper into what is happening across the Open-Xchange product portfolio.

Customer Sessions
Wed, Oct 16

Vincci Soho
Calle del Prado 18

Wednesday 16th is reserved for one-on-one Open-Xchange customer sessions. These give you the opportunity to discuss ongoing deployments and projects, share feedback and discuss all things product and business related. Please talk to your sales representative to set up a meeting.

In the evening, all Summit attendees are invited to join us for the "Welcome Reception" at the Vincci Soho Hotel and "A Night at the Prado”.

12:00 - 1:00 pm


Lunch & Networking

1:00 - 6:00 pm

Customer Sessions
60-minute deep dive sessions with OX Senior Management, OX Product Owners or OX Professional Services. Sessions are structured around specific customer need and can focus on anything from a business review, through hot topics such as Monetization, Security or OX-as-a-Service. Attendance is limited to around ten attendees per session. Please reach out to your OX Account Manager to secure your individual session.

Parallel Customer Sessions

6:00 - 8:15 pm

Welcome Reception

Light dinner & Drinks

8:30 - 11:00 pm 

A Night at the Prado

Private Tour & Cocktail Reception

Industry & Customer Insight
Thu, Oct 17

Palacio Neptuno
Calle de Cervantes 42

9:00 am

Doors Open

1st coffee of the day & breakfast networking

10:00 am

Taking Back Data Sovereignty
Supporting an open and democratic society. How the City of Barcelona took back control of digital infrastructure and data ownership.

Francesca Bria,
Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer Barcelona

10:45 am

Digging Deeper
Discussion with Francesca Bria and Rafael Laguna

Francesca Bria,
Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer Barcelona

Rafael Laguna,
CEO, Open-Xchange

11:15 am

A Force for Change: OX Cloud and COI
Staying competitive, driving choice and generating new revenue streams. How Open-Xchange champions open messaging with Chat over IMAP (COI) and keeps markets open and competitive with OX App Suite Cloud. 

Rafael Laguna,
CEO, Open-Xchange

12:00 pm


Buffet & Networking

2:30 pm

Positioning to Win with SMB’s
GoDaddy and OX App Suite in emerging markets. The India and Latin America Experience.

Tapan Kamdar,
SVP & GM, Productivity Applications at GoDaddy

3:00 pm

Selling Premium Email Services with Plesk
Hear how Plesk and Open-Xchange have teamed up to give Plesks’ resellers access to the full power of OX App Suite Cloud. This premium email and productivity solution is optimized for SMB users and is a great way for Plesk resellers to easily convert non-paid email accounts to paid premium email. This will greatly help reseller efforts to increase retention and ARPU with their SMB customers.

Lukas Hertig,
SVP Business Development, Plesk

Frank Hoberg,
EVP Sales, Open-Xchange

2:00 pm

Building on Trust
Security and privacy issues are becoming increasingly important. The question is do these factors automatically influence a users purchasing decision? As a provider of trusted email and office solutions, 1&1 IONOS is focused in on how to balance ‘the right thing to do’ with ‘what customers really want’.

Patrick Schaudel,
VP / Product Unit Lead „Email & office“, 1&1 IONOS

3:30 pm

Coffee Break

Snacks & Networking

4:00 pm

Unleashing the Power of DNS
The DNS challenges for 5G networks & introducing Control Plane for OX PowerDNS

Neil Cook,
VP Product, Security, Open-Xchange

5:00 pm

Consolidating DNS for Seven Million KPN Users

Moving from a diversity of DNS platforms to one generic, virtualized PowerDNS platform. Learn how KPN delivered a fast and secure Internet experience for their customers, created the freedom to deploy the latest DNS features like DNSsec and reduced their costs and maintenance effort.

Jeroen Rust,
Product Owner, KPN

Karel van der Velden,
Architect, KPN

5:30 pm

DNS-over-HTTPS and the Rise of Over-the-top DNS
The recently released DNS over HTTPS (DoH) protocol allows encrypting DNS traffic. This capability is fuelling the trend towards ‘Over-The-Top’ (OTT) DNS, significantly altering the way DNS is used and how networks perform. This will have considerable consequences for the control network operators have over their network. 

Bert Hubert,
Principal PowerDNS

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Time to get ready for the Dinner


8:00 pm

OX Summit Dinner

Sponsored by Scality

Product Session
Fri, Oct 18

Palacio Neptuno
Calle Cervantes 42

9:00 am

Doors Open

1st coffee of the day & breakfast networking

10:00 am

Can we afford data monopolies?
Monopoles have existed for as long as there is commerce, so what’s wrong with them? At every technology transition new monopolies have formed, should we welcome or fear data monopolies? Lecat will venture in the history of monopoles and give some insight as to what may matter tomorrow.

Jérôme Lecat,
CEO, Scality

10:30 am

Introducing COI (Chat Over IMAP)
Diving deeper into the COI standard, the way forward and a quick look at OX and Partner applications.

Rafael Laguna,
CEO, Open-Xchange

Robert Virkus,
Director App Development, Open-Xchange

11:00 am 

Coffee Break

Snacks & Networking

11:15 am

Join the Second Force
Is it time to outsource your email platform? Come learn about the exciting launch of our new OX Cloud product.

Manny DeJesus
VP Product, Email & Productivity,

11:45 am

Adding Productivity to your Email Suite: The Drive & Docs Story
Users expect more than just email from their providers these days. Productivity is quickly becoming a "must have" as well. Are you giving your customers everything they're expecting from YOUR email experience?

Goetz Wohlberg
Product Manager, OX Drive & OX Documents,

12:15 pm

OX Monetization. Introducing UBM
How to use (full) user base monetization to maximise revenue with OX Display, OX Upsell and OX Engage.

Florian Steps,
Director Monetization, Open-Xchange

12:45 pm


Buffet & Networking

2:00 pm

End of Summit

OX Summit Partners

Don't miss a thing

To make sure you can make the most of the networking opportunities at OX Summit, we recommend that you stay in the Vincci Soho Hotel. Located in the heart of the Las Letras district, the Vincci Soho stands out as one of the most exceptional hotels in the historical center of Madrid. It's a modern hotel, full of art and designed to convince even the most exacting guests of its uniqueness and character. To obtain the best price please book through the official Vincci Soho web page.

Book your room

The place to be

Our OX Summit venue, Palacio Neptuno, dates from the beginning of this century and is one of the most exclusive buildings in Madrid. It was originally part of the palace and gardens of Medinaceli's Duke. Nowadays, Palacio Neptuno is considered one of the most important event venues in the capital. Its outstanding location, a mere few meters away from the Palacio de Neptuno and El Museo del Prado, and its modern design and infrastructure make it an ideal venue for the OX Summit.

Unique, to say the least

For our social gathering, we have picked one of Madrid's most famous sights. Since its foundation in 1819, the Museo del Prado has played a key role in the evolution of art. Its origins and unique nature are largely due to the collecting tastes of Spain’s 16th- and 17th-century monarchs. Prado has been described as a museum of painters not of paintings, given that its artists are represented in a superlative manner with some of the most extensive collections of Bosch, Titian, El Greco, Rubens, Goya, El Greco and Velázquez.

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