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At Open-Xchange we believe in people. We believe that diversity is the key to success. Anyone can make a difference.
It is the many varied facets that make us what we are.

Our values

We believe in people. Our products are only as good as the people who develop them and bring them to market. Without our employees, our products are not worth much.



Passion is our motivator. Whatever we do, we do it with fun and conviction and we get up every morning with the desire to make the world a bit better for our children and grandchildren.



Xperience all over the world
Culture with a heart   
Individual people with spirit   
Talented organization with the potential to grow   
Innovative products   
New and unique in all areas   
Great in every way

Your career at OX is all about excitement. It entails an abundance of thrilling opportunities. And because we play as hard as we work, it also means fun and enthusiasm are part of our culture. Welcome to an exciting future.

Shoot for the moon

We are constantly wondering what we can do better, what other paths we can follow and what each one of us can contribute to achieve breakthrough results.


Personal development

Since we focus on human beings, we invest in the very spot where our heart beats, we invest in our employees.



Open Source for open people. 
Our employees are just like our products: 
Open for new paths.
Open for diversity.
Open for the new.



We are on a Mission
Smart People Around the World



This is Open-Xchange!

OX Insights

We believe diversity is one of the keys to our success. Which is why to achieve great things, we have united people from all over the world. People from varied walks of life, but with one common goal: to make a difference. And because we have offices around the globe, you can join these interesting individuals practically all over the world.

OX Employees from all over the world
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The best reasons to join OX

At OX, we’re constantly looking for people who bring their unique style and global experiences to enrich our multicultural teams. We believe that if you’re going to spend more than half your time with people that aren’t family or friends, then you should at least do it where your talent can develop, your character is appreciated, and you are valued for your contributions:

Meet Open-Xchange

We believe that seeing is believing. And, as the statements above show, many of our best people joined us after seeing a demo. So come along and meet us in person. Take a look at our schedule:

  • Unternehmenstag
    Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg - St. Augustin, 09.11.2017
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  • W&I Tag
    Universität Siegen - Siegen, 15.11.2017
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View and apply for our open positions with different teams and at various locations or send us your speculative application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Students wanted

Regardless of whether you just started, are in the middle of your studies or about to graduate, check out what Open-Xchange has to offer for students.

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Office locations

Open-Xchange offers office locations for employees around the globe. See for yourself which one is nearest for you.

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