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Business Model.
Build a foundation for strong business growth.

Where email has previously been a cost center, Open-Xchange turns email into a profit center starting with a unique web-based mail and personal information hub. For service providers looking to reduce customer churn, increase average revenue per user and better secure the future of your business: Open-Xchange is the basis for growth.


Increase value, reduce churn

Added value sells. Open-Xchange enables your customers to upgrade and activate additional services without leaving the web interface. An intuitive, in-application upsell mechanism, connected to an automated provisioning system provides immediate access to premium mobility and collaboration capabilities. This enables you to demonstrate value right where your customers are working and communicating.



Boost average revenue per user

Now open for business: your personal app store. Boost revenue by creating additional business on top of the email platform with innovative SaaS offerings, by building an ecosystem of services around the Open-Xchange upsell mechanism. This often drives go-to-market strategies further by providing customers with everything they need in one place - building loyalty and revenues.



Secure your business future

Edge out the giants by using what you have. The reality is that when over-the-top giants enter marketplaces, nobody wins. Where they may have reach, local providers offer true service and support that people trust. With Open-Xchange, you can provide a service the giants aren’t able to offer: data integrity by providing secure, single access and becoming a trusted data hub for your customers’ digital life.

Boost your profit

  • Platform for value-add services
  • Open new channels for profit
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Serve customers quicker
  • Deliver customers an ecosystem of choice

Business Growth. Turn email into a highly
profitable earner for your business.

Open-Xchange is highly flexible. This freemium to premium model appeals to consumers and business users: offering a flexible and tiered choice of services, from “free-to-play” to premium mobility and collaboration packages. And, allows you to tailor offers to meet the specific requirements of your local markets, whether consumers, road-warriors or project teams.

Capture Interest with Mail

Demonstrate your value to the market by offering Open-Xchange mail as a “freemium” item, bundled with other services such as web hosting, or as an off-the-shelf purchase for consumers looking for an email-only solution.

Build Loyalty with Mobile

Ensure your customers aren’t tempted by other offers with this in-built loyalty platform that provides road warriors and people on the move with real-time access to their email everywhere they are.

Go Viral with Social

Present your customers with tempting offers when they’re interested in that service, by offering an array of upsell and cross-sell services recommended by their trusted network. And so create a community of committed users.

Be Indispensable with Collaborate

Build deeper and longer-term relationships with your customer base - adding power to your offer by enabling people to cut the time it takes to do routine activities. And so give back wasted hours into an individual’s productive life.

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Business Partnership. Discover the benefits 
of a true business partnership.

Our business model is what sets us apart. Where others offer low-margin licensing arrangements, Open-Xchange offers the margins and the commercial flexibility you need to be successful in your market. 

Success Model 

An indirect go-to-market model means our service provider partners are our only route to market. Benefit from a flexible and practical business model that is good for business and doesn’t tie you into a license-buying scenario with limitations and low margins. We also offer white label so that you can go-to-market using your own brand identity and maintain the billing relationship with your customers.

  • No license fees
  • Faster profitability
  • White label program
  • Own customer relationship

Partner for Success

Our business is focused on making service providers successful: helping you to compete, differentiate your offer, and retain your existing customer base. Delivering a technology solution that enables you to go-to-market quickly and easily with a cloud application that is technologically advanced and powerful, yet easy to use.

  • Technical support and advice
  • Marketing support and materials
  • Market differentiation
  • Customer retention 

Commercial Flexibility 

Benefit from flexibility in the product configuration. You choose which elements are market attractors and which are premium, increasing your upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Plus benefit from commercial terms that are geared to meet your business needs. You decide whether you prefer a revenue share model, a subscription-based model, or a flat fee model. 

  • Platform to convert users to premium
  • Expand revenue stream opportunities 
  • Boost business agility

Business Advantage. Access a wealth of
commercial, market and technology benefits.

Seven reasons why Open-Xchange offers a clear and unbeatable business advantage - allowing you to go-to-market quickly with a product that has a wide market appeal.

Gain a strategic advantage 

No longer a cost-center, email is now seen as a strategic application because of the convergence of voice, data, email and messaging. If you’re looking for a reliable, scalable communications solution that will integrate into your existing environment, Open-Xchange is the only real choice. 

Grab share of mobile market

Mobile is undeniably the largest and fastest growing market in the world. The majority of the world’s population owns at least one mobile device, and of these a significant and growing number access social networks via multiple mobile devices. Open up a whole new world of advantages for your business by offering mobile users Open-Xchange. 

Differentiate with social

Social media platforms have taken off providing new opportunities for communication and commerce. However, people still need to manually “hop” between their social media apps. Enabling your customers to manage their social networks from one interface gives you a clear differentiator in this market.

Consolidate existing technology 

Legacy email systems are notoriously unreliable and expensive to run. With Open-Xchange you can rapidly consolidate your existing technology and standardize on a single cost-effective and highly reliable platform. 

Be fast-to-market 

Integration means you can go to market quicker. Because Open-Xchange is created for the service provider environment and is designed to sit on top of your existing infrastructure, including billing and provisioning systems, you could quite literally be up and running and serving existing customers within hours.

Build a strong brand

White labeling allows you to package and brand the product to meet your unique market needs. It allows you to customize look and feel and functionality: introduce multiple themes and brands, change the design, color scheme, and product names in line with your brand identity. Integrate advertising and add portal widgets such as news and weather. And integrate third party functionality such as SMS, MMS and voice capabilities.

Access a wealth of resources 

When you partner with us, you’ll have access to ongoing marketing, commercial and technical support, including a comprehensive package of marketing tools and materials: fact-sheets, user stories, FAQs, on-line tutorials, customizable videos, upsell templates, competition comparisons, TCO analysis, development previews, and web material and much more… in the Knowledge Base.

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