Level the Playing Field.

Meet the web-based personal desktop that you can deploy to your customers and make money with.

Who’s eating your App Pie?

If you’re a Service Provider, this is a challenging time. Desktops and mobile devices come pre-installed with proprietary and freemium schemes to pull your customers away from your brand. Claiming larger slices of the mobile-app economy, over-the-top providers are creating walled gardens to lock people in. With Open-Xchange you can begin to reclaim more of that pie.




The freedom to connect

Web consumption is accelerating. But there’s a price to pay for this hyper-connectivity: increasingly complex digital lives and surrendering basic freedoms.  The search, software and social giants are doing everything in their power to control data flow. Control big data! And, as a Service Provider, you’re in direct competition. With Open-Xchange you can get ahead of the game by offering your customers freedom that they could only dream of – a fully integrated online life. 

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A game-changing model

Software as a service (SaaS) is showing massive adoption across all areas of business and personal demand. A cloud-enabled business not only provides cost savings and deployment flexibility, it delivers levels of communication and collaboration that drive entirely new customer engagement models. SaaS is truly changing the world and the way we work. Open-Xchange operates wholly in this space, giving our Service Provider partners the opportunity to launch revenue-generating SaaS-driven business models.

An Internet hero

The Open-Xchange flagship product, OX App Suite brings the simplicity of a single, intuitive interface right to the forefront of the web desktop. OX App Suite gives people their desktop in the cloud, so they only need to sign in once to access their applications. It pulls everything together in one easy to understand interface: helping people to regain control over their digital interactions and reduce complexity.

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OX App Suite.

A centralized cloud environment that lets users manage their digital lives, emails, tasks, and files from a single interface – on any device.

The central, user-friendly portal is the beating heart of the solution. This is where users come for an at-a-glance view of their digital activities.  This is the hub to all other OX App Suite functionality including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Drive.

A single digital platform

OX App Suite provides users with a single, consolidated platform for users digital activities. A central portal enables people to manage their communications, contacts, tasks and files via an intuitive, user-friendly interface.  Device independent, it provides seamless transition between PC, laptop and tablets.

A centralized digital life

OX App Suite enables people to take control of their digital lives – spread over multiple locations, devices, cloud-based services and social sites. By centralizing their email and digital media, documents, music, and photos, it reduces clutter and other time-consuming activities.

  • Mine data with almost unlimited drilldown
  • See the entire “digital footprint” related to a contact
  • Consistent user experience across devices

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Keep it simple

OX App Suite opens the door to host of new cloud-based applications. With Document Viewer, users can preview any type of file, including text, spreadsheet, presentation or media files from within the OX App Suite interface. OX Text extends this capability even further by allowing people to effortlessly read and edit XML-based documents and save them back to the original format. At a level of fidelity that bypasses ugly conversion artifacts of current cloud-based editors.

ARPU on Steroids.

If you’re a Service Provider: a hoster, telco, mobile carrier, or web service provider, OX App Suite offers a wealth of unique benefits.

Commercial opportunities

OX App Suite provides a flexible open architecture. Hosted in the cloud, by you or by us. It is built for commercial use, making it robust and highly scalable. It provides tight integration with your existing infrastructure.  One of the key advantages is that it is a white label, fully customizable solution designed for cross- and up-selling. Giving you the freedom to offer and promote branded and 3rd party trials, as well as pay-per-use services.

Customer stickiness

OX App Suite’s attractive design and ease-of-use generates deeper customer engagement, increasing customer stickiness. It unifies business and private communications, social media, news feeds and a lot more to create a sleek solution that can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Competitive edge

OX App Suite boosts competitive advantage by allowing you to deliver leading edge functionality, multiple device support and powerful cloud technology for your users. There is a wealth of opportunities to increase your average revenue per user (ARPU), such as try-and-buy promotions or free trials. You can customize your plans, pricing and features to suit your market segmentation.

Take a Test Drive: ox.io

OX Documents

Open-Xchange released a host of new additions to OX App Suite, including a suite of office productivity tools that free people to work the way they want to work. That will give people more of what they want: less complexity and increased accessibility to what matters.

OX Documents is a collection of document orientated apps that can be white-labelled and delivered as a variety of bundles to both consumer and business users.

OX Text - An in-browser word processing tool, OX Text offers real-time editing and collaboration on all major text document formats without compromising document integrity. It frees users to focus on creating the content, and not worry about the process or the file format.

OX Text Datasheet

OX Documents Converter -
 is a server side conversion engine that converts most document types into JPEG, PNG, HTML5 +SVG and PDF. It is also easily integrated into web applications, content management systems and other products with open APIs.

OX Documents Converter supports the following input types:

  • Microsoft I/P: docx, docm, dotx, dotm, xlsx, xlsm, xltx, xltm, xlam, xls, xlt, xla, xlsb, pptx, pptm, potx, potm, ppsx, ppsm...
  • OpenOffice I/P: odt, ott, ods, ots, odp, otp, odg, otg, otc, odf, otc, odm... 

OX Spreadsheet - is a cloud-based spreadsheet solution. It lets you work directly on a spreadsheet from your browser on any device. There is no need to install any native spreadsheet application. Spreadsheet (Microsoft and OpenOffice) are now accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

OX Documents Viewer - lets you view almost any type of document directly with a browser with no additional software requirements. This now means that any document, for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice can be viewed anywhere.

Discover OX Spreadsheet

OX Spreadsheet - is a cloud-based spreadsheet solution. It lets you work directly on a spreadsheet from your browser on any device. There is no need to install any native spreadsheet application. Spreadsheet (Microsoft and OpenOffice) are now accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Spread your sheet around and collaborate everywhere.

OX Spreadsheet dovetails perfectly with OX App Suite, adding increased value to this multifaceted offering. It complements OX Text to provide comprehensive office applications that support user productivity. OX Spreadsheet runs on various device and is compatible with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice – ensuring a smooth, familiar user experience.

A simpler way to
store, sync and share
OX DriveTM

Today’s world demands that users have anytime access to their files, regardless of where they are and what device they are using. OX Drive, from Open-Xchange, delivers against this need. By uploading, downloading and synchronizing documents across multiple devices and operating systems, it paves the way for easy to use, consistent file management.

Two versions, a world of possibilities

Either as a stand-alone offering or fully integrated into OX App Suite, OX Drive is a key component of any customer engagement strategy. Whether your focus is on growing ARPU, driving recirculation to unlock new revenue opportunities, building brand identity or increasing retention: OX Drive and OX App Suite provide the ideal solution

Promote your brand not theirs

The choice is often stark, invest to develop your own branded solution or promote somebody else’s. With OX Drive you have a third option: a complete white-label solution that allows you to build your own brand identity. Spend your marketing dollars to bring your customer to your offering.

Engage your customers

OX Drive like functionality is now becoming a must have to both consumers and SMBs. Open-Xchange gives you the option to simply add OX Drive to your existing offerings,

Stand-Alone, or provide it as additional functionality in a fully integrated OX App Suite solution. Both these solutions deliver excellent value to your customers’, deepening customer engagement and allowing you to deliver fully against your business goals.

Turbo-charge your upsell potential

OX Drive increases your scope to upsell your customer. This includes paying for more storage, additional security options and collaborative editing functionality.

In addition when your customers start sharing outside of the OX Drive environment you have the opportunity to present your brand and product portfolio to non-OX Drive users.

So how does it work?

OX Drive delivers smart file and folder synchronization. Based on specially designed clients optimized for a number of device types and operating systems, it enables users to view and edit their documents – anytime, anyplace – and share files with others.

OX Drive clients

The OX Drive clients have been developed specifically for ease-of-use. Open-Xchange currently offers clients for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. These have been designed to take into account the specifications and limitations of the device they are running on. For instance on a mobile the user interface is scaled to fit the screen size, and upload and download is performed in line with in-dividual bandwidth, mobile data and battery requirements. On desktop devices synchronization is performed as changes are made to documents and files.

Users simply download the right client for their device from the corresponding app store.

And as OX Drive is a white-label product, these clients can be branded in line with your requirements.

The file system behind OX Drive

Behind the user interface, the OX Drive concept means you can store users’ data in-house, leverage external cloud-based storage, or combine both options.

For example, you might choose to plug in a cloud solution as a stopgap while you increase your own capacity in line with demand. Or you might outsource storage completely from the start. Whatever your preference, OX Drive offers a flexible answer to your needs and helps you balance CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

OX Drive offers

Built-in multi-media capabilities
(device and browser dependent):

  • Photo viewer
  • Slide show
  • Music player
  • Video player

Built-in and automatic version control
(only works with file storage within the native OX environment – dependent on back-end integration capabilities)

  • Simple rollback to previous versions

Document viewer

  • View documents without downloading them

Document editing and collaboration

  • Only when bundled with OX Documents

Third-party end-user storage
integration (optional)

Back-end storage integration
(optional) Custom branding (optional)

Take a photo – view, edit and share that photo from any device. Store, sync and share. OX Drive

Storage management
(e.g. quota control, upload limits)

Integration of other apps via the OX App Suite open API

Integration with OX App Suite:
OX App Suite v7.4.2

OX Drive for Windows:
Latest Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 (no support for Mac OS X clients with emulators and Windows RT)

OX Drive for Mac OS:
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

OX Drive for iOS:
Apple iPhone on iOS 6 / iOS 7, Apple iPad on iOS 6 / iOS 7

OX Drive for Android:
Smartphone on Android Jelly Bean (4.1 - 4.2), Tablets on Android Jelly Bean (4.1 - 4.2)