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Why choose OX

OX is the only company to offer open and customizable, cloud-based products which enable service providers to offer their customers scalable, self-branded services – via customer engagement platform – that integrates everyday digital life interactions.

Products that drive customer engagement

Our flagship product, OX App Suite™,   is white-labeled software that challenges the status quo of messaging, collaboration software for service providers needing to take back their customer relationship.

Designed for Cloud, SaaS and on-premise deployments, OX App Suite allows service providers to remain flexible and relevant everywhere their customer. Built on HTML5 and Open Web technologies, OX App Suite works with all modern browsers and therefore all devices.

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An Ecosystem of innovation

With OX App Suite as a base, providers and ISV partners are realizing the strength of integrating software based on open API's across their portfolio.
Our agile method of developing software based on open standards is developing a strong ecosystem of partnerships to integrate solutions around customer retention and relationship products.

Whether a service provider is looking to deepen their relationship with their installed base, or enter a new segment: OX App Suite enables a customer engagement strategy with a flexible business model that activates new revenue streams.

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A Company that's ruthlessly open

OX is changing the way millions of people around the world connect, create, communicate and share their digital lives online. With over a decade of developing open-source software, Open-Xchange believes that only by engineering ruthlessly open products and services can the next generation of innovation emerge on the web. "Stay Open" contains many aspects of how we develop, engineer and deploy our products together with and for client-partners.

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Become a Partner
or Reseller

Open-Xchange only delivers OX App Suite through preferred partners and authorized resellers. We offer three types of partnerships with these partners worldwide based on industry sector and size.

Supporting over 20 languages, OX App Suite is deployed via global Hosting, Telco and Cable carriers, as well as regional resellers and system integrators. If you are interested in becoming an OX partner and providing OX App Suite to your customers, now is the best time to contact us

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Trust as a Concept:
Open Source

Trust is more important than ever before in today's data-driven world. Especially now, in the post-PRISM landscape, open source software delivers a crucial benefit: transparency. Security against back doors. Open source interoperability and customizability ensure that service providers do not get locked-in to proprietary models that limit choice, flexibility and trust from the people that matter most: their customers.

These principles apply to OX App Suite™, our provider-grade customer engagement platform, which enables service providers to improve customer retention, thus freeing them up to drive new revenue streams with their customers.

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Trust in open source technology: